CenCan CE Series

This is a virtual session via WebEx.

Presented by Dr. Deanne Wilkinson (MARD Extension Veterinarian)

This session will cover small flock poultry parameters in Manitoba and the basics of poultry management, including nutrition, housing, biosecurity and disease mitigation.It will also discuss the Poultry Flock Avian Influenza Program offered by the Veterinary Diagnostic Services Laboratory in Winnipeg, which assists with disease surveillance and management in the province’s small flocks.


Any questions about this session can be directed to Deanne Wilkinson, Extension Veterinarian with MARD.

Deanne.Wilkinson@gov.mb.ca or 1-204-599-7784.


Introduction to Small Flock Poultry Management and Medicine in Manitoba

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  • Tuesday Oct 05 2021, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM